A retired priest who was ordained in 1966 is speaking out against the Church because clearly attacking the Church and questioning the role and authenticity of sacraments was on his bucket list.

Seriously. He’s speaking out because he didn’t want to die before he really gave it to the Church but good.

Check this out from The Journal Standard:

The Vatican rules the Roman Catholic Church through indoctrination, control, and fear, rather than through nurturing love, service, and freedom, according to Father Emmett Coyne, a Roman Catholic priest. His new book, The Theology of Fear exposes how far afield the highest church authorities have strayed from the gospel of Jesus Christ. The book is available on Amazon and on www.emmettcoyne.net

“I’m on the last lap of life and eternity is facing me. It’s my last chance to speak up and speak out,” said Father Coyne, who was ordained in 1966 and is retired at age 73…

He believes Catholics learn more about how to go to hell than how to get into heaven, and that, historically, the sacraments were established as a way to control church members through guilt and fear. “Jesus proclaimed the kingdom of God. He didn’t proclaim the sacraments,” he said.

Theology of Fear further asserts that seminarians for the priesthood are ordained based on their ability to follow doctrine without question, while activist priests are viewed as risks to church authority. “They [seminarians] drop out when they discover they can’t think for themselves,” said Father Coyne, who once was chastised by his superiors for adding the words, “Jesus, our good shepherd,” to a prayer.

What does this long-time priest hope to accomplish with his book The Theology of Fear? The 50th Anniversary of the Vatican Council will occur in October, and Father Coyne believes change, reform, and transparency of the church’s highest echelons are crucial. He wants everyday Catholics to rediscover Jesus’ teachings that it is the person who is absolute in God’s eyes, not an institution. Jesus emphasized the spirit of the law grounded in love, never the letter of the law based on punishment. Father Coyne expects church authorities will not be happy with his book. “One has to follow the truth wherever it takes him,” he said.

To get an idea of where his head is, all proceeds of his book will reportedly be donated to non-profit Partners In Health (www.PIH.org),a social justice organization that while does do some good, also emphasizes “family planning” and “contraceptive options,” counseling.

Another webpage discussing Partners in Health’s efforts to support women’s health in temporary settlements indicates: “All mobile clinic staff will also be attending ‘refresher’ trainings in women’s health basics—particularly the use of emergency contraception and management of victims of rape.”

So I guess it’s no surprise that Fr. Coyne isn’t a fan of the letter of the law because he doesn’t seem to like the laws.