*subhead*Parental consent.*subhead*

When you’re 14 years old you can’t:

rent a car
Get a tattoo without parental consent.
see an R rated movie.
go on a school field trip to the museum without your parents signing a permission slip.
buy cigarettes.
buy a lottery ticket (in some states.)
adopt a pet.
vote on American Idol.
serve jury duty. (Not that you’d want to.)
buy a gun.

But you can procure an abortion without your parents consent. What does that say about this country?

You know what it says? It says that abortionists have lots of money to buy off elected officials including representatives and Senators and Presidents. It says that for a country that talks an awful lot about doing things “for the children” we don’t actually give a damn about the children.

I thought of this because a Texas man was arrested on suspicion that he tattooed a 14-year-old girl, which is against the law, even though the teen’s mother had given permission, according to the Fort Worth Star Telegram. The teen’s mother also was arrested on charges that she allowed it.

I’m not a big fan of tattooing children myself. It seems a little permanent. But by that same token, so is killing your unborn child. It’s kinda’ permanent. No backsies.

But think about that. Arrested for tattoos. Abortion OK. Something’s very wrong. Scary wrong. And I fear the damage is permanent.