Holy smokes. I can’t believe what I saw. And it was strange because as I’m watching it I’m thinking that Mitt was killing it. But then I wondered if maybe I’m just in the tank for Romney or something and I had lost any sense of reality. Romney was prepared. Like crazy prepared.

Romney outed Obama as ill prepared. So after the debate my brothers and I were all texting each other things like “He won going away, right” and “Was that even close?”

And now even the media is saying Romney won. Believe me in the next few days the media will savage Romney. Bad. But reality was so clear that they couldn’t lie about it. Even James Carville said Romney won. The CBS insta-poll said Romney crushed Obama in the debate. Hilariously, the anchor essentially apologized for the small sample and said it wasn’t very scientific or anything. In that poll, 46 percent said Romney won. 22 percent said Obama. That’s double folks.

Frank Luntz’s focus group was even more startling. I think it was like 22-3 who said Romney won. And 15 of the people in the panel had voted for Obama last time.

I loved the line from Romney about where our rights come from. He made it plain that our rights come from “Our Creator.” Obama constantly drops that part.

I thought Lehrer wasn’t too bad to be honest but I can’t believe we didn’t get to any questions about religious liberty. But Romney did give a shout-out about it.

Update: CNN poll says 67-25 percent that Romney won. Wow. I’m afraid to put on MSNBC for fear of seeing some kind of breakdown.

Update2: Oh my. I just saw this from MSNBC. Chris Matthews is absolutely losing it. Someone should take away Matthews belt and shoelaces.

I’ll put more up about this but I’m pretty excited.