You can blame Todd Akin and Mourdock for talking about rape in relation to abortion. Ann Coulter and others are laying Mitt Romney’s defeat at their feet.

But let’s face it, these were largely insta-scandals that the media has at the ready at all times – just add dopey Republican politicians willing to get off message.

You never see, however, the scandal of Democrats supporting abortion up until the moment of birth. We still never saw the “scandal” around President Obama’s vote for post-natal abortions. The people aren’t with them on those issues but the Republicans don’t seem to be able to capitalize on this distance between the people and the Democratic party on this issue.

Republicans need to start going after these kinds of things like they went after partial birth abortion. Let’s face it, pro-lifers kicked butt on the partial birth abortion debate. They named it and they pointed out the truth of it, and the media had nothing to say other than calling it “what some call ‘partial birth abortion.” And the Republicans won.

We need to pick our next target on the abortion front. Whether it’s late term abortions or parental notifications, I don’t care. We need to win the next debate piece by piece. Talking about rape and incest is too much right now for the public to bear. The people are not with us on that. So let’s take what we can get. We should focus on one thing just like the Dems do and after they get victory, they come back the next day with a new thing.

Dems move the ball down the field three yards at a time. Republicans are always going for the Hail Mary. Let’s try a run play. Right up the middle.

*subhead*A run play.*subhead*