Tuesday night was a rough night. And I believe things are going to only get rougher from here on out for a while. Tuesday night reminded me that we live in enemy territory. I think sometimes we forget that. The world is fallen. And we’ve fashioned a fallen man-made empire from the shards.

How fallen we all are is evident every day in the cruel way people treat each other, the way babies are aborted, the way so many marriages end in casual cruelty.

I think many Christians feel like we’re losing ground. Abortion on demand, same sex “marriage,” and restrictions on religious freedom weigh heavily on our minds and we fear we’ve squandered a grand inheritance from our forefathers. I believe we have. But here’s the thing though – I don’t think we were ever winning. Christians have always been called to battle against larger forces.

We are called not to rule but as CS Lewis said, to sabotage. We are not promised earthly victory. We are simply called to battle.

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