There is something absolutely delightful to me that the world is watching a chimney. There’s something so countercultural about it.

We have a media that has helicopters to cover car chases, satellites to extend their reach, and slick graphics and booming music for every turn of events. Yet, here we are, all watching a small chimney in Rome for our news. They’re on “Smoke Watch” I heard one reporter say on NBC.

But it’s not just the media. We all move so fast. Too fast, I think. But some things shouldn’t be rushed. There is something wonderful in that and it makes me smile, even though I’m anxious for some news. It’s a good time to pray. To slow down and pray. Pray for the good of the Church. Pray for the man whose life is about to change so drastically. And pray for those who are intrigued by this conclave and that their curiosity may pull them deeper into the faith.

Many would probably see a metaphor in this chimney business and say it exhibits how the Church is outdated but here’s the thing – if the Church was so irrelevant why is every news organization showing an old chimney in Rome? It’s just that in the 21st century, the shot of the chimney is bounced up into space and covers the world.

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