Sister Maureen Paul Turlish of Philadelphia has revealed a brilliant secret plot by the Vatican to make everyone ignore the sexual abuse scandal by publicly attacking nuns.

As we can all attest this ingenious plan likely hatched in the former torture chambers of the CDF has worked brilliantly the past few years as the sexual abuse scandal has received such little media attention that some could say it’s been been completely ignored.

She revealed the plot because she was disappointed that Pope Francis said he expected nuns to be Catholic. This announcement came as such a shock to the nun that she ran to the media and revealed the intricate plot. We all know how much liberal nuns hate complaining to the media about the Church. It must have pained her terribly.

The biggest surprise is only that the Vatican didn’t dispatch assassin albino monks to “get to her” before she got to the media.

CBS Philly reports:

Sister Maureen Paul Turlish belongs to the Sisters of Notre Dame and is active in the Philadelphia chapter of Voices of the Faithful, a national organization which represents nuns in the US.

Turlish had hopes that Pope Francis would distance himself from the actions of his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI, who, while pope, directed the organization to change its ways because of what he called “radical feminist themes incompatible with the Catholic faith,” an apparent reference to the group’s exploration of church stance on sensitive topics including birth control, abortion, church governance, and the ordination of women.

Turlish says she is troubled by the notion that the church may have used the action against the nuns’ group to divert attention from the ongoing clergy sex abuse scandal.

“This heavyhandedness with the nuns, from my point of view, seemed to be diversionary, to bring attention off that problem and put it on something else,” she told KYW Newsradio today, “and I still, to a certain extent, feel that way.”

I’ll drop the act now. Sister Maureen should be ashamed of herself for using the sexual abuse scandal to further her own agenda. It’s sickening to me. And all the Pope is doing is asking the nuns to act like Catholics and not play quite so much reiki or act as escorts for Planned Parenthood. Is it too much to ask Catholic nuns to act Catholic anymore?

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