Jay Carney keeps saying he can’t comment on an incident where the trial is still ongoing. Uhm. Anyone remember Trayvon Martin? Adam Lanza?

The White House is ignoring the Gosnell issue because Barack Obama has absolutely no problem with what went on in Gosnell’s clinic. Please recall that Obama voted against requiring doctors to provide medical care for babies born alive.

And as Fox News’ Ed Henry points out, the premise of the gun control legislation is that “even if it saves one life” the government should act. So why isn’t that same standard used for abortion clinics?

Update: And proving that the media can be shamed (a little) Savannah Guthrie did ask Obama about Gosnell but he stuck to the script and said he couldn’t comment on an ongoing trial and all that b.s. about wanting abortion to be safe, legal, and rare.

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