A note from a 14 year old distressed by the FDA’s decision:

Today, the FDA like totally trampled over the rights of 14 year olds everywhere by ok’ing selling the so-called morning after pill to only those 15 years or older. What? Like OMG! It’s like they’re almost saying 14 year olds aren’t allowed abortions now? Do they actually want us all popping out babies and like dragging them around to homeroom and Social Studies and stuff?

It’s the randomness that’s most insulting. A girl who turns 15, has a birthday bash, drinks a little too much hand sanitizer, and hooks up with the backup forward for the 8th grade basketball team can get a quickie aborsh without ever telling her Mom and her boyfriend. But a girl at the same party who was born a week later has no access to an over-the counter abortion? How unfair is that? What kind of medieval backward thinking is that? The FDA is pulling 14 year olds back to the dark ages.

Seriously, why 15 year olds? And the better question is how many 15 year olds have ID? And will pharmacists be prosecuted for selling the morning after pill to 14 year olds?

When they say they want abortion safe, legal and rare do they mean not for fourteen year olds over the counter. I mean, if there’s nothing wrong with abortion why limit it?

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