A Presbyterian hospital which performed abortions merged with a Catholic hospital in California and now it’s announced that it will no longer be performing abortions.

As you might imagine, feminists aren’t happy. In fact, the National Organization for Women is planning to protest the decision because…you know there’s just not enough abortions in California.

Hoag hospital said that they only performed about 100 abortions a year so they couldn’t maintain their level of excellence so they’re just ditching it. They said the decision was not influenced by the religious views of St. Joseph Health. Well, I would hope it was. And if it weren’t I’d ask why not.

But let’s face it, that could very well be the reason but a bunch of p.r. hacks got together and decided to finagle an easy way out of the situation without taking a stand.

But now, demonstrators from the Orange County chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW), the League of Women Voters, and other wacky groups will protest at the hospital on Thursday. A mass email, sent last week to NOW supporters, said, “It’s now time for women in this county to stand up for ourselves.”

Oddly, I checked and there’s plenty o’ places for women to get an abortion near the hospital including a Planned Parenthood. So you see, it’s not enough for abortion access to be ever present. Everyone MUST perform them and accept them. Abortion advocates know they have to create a stink anytime something like this happens because they don’t want hospitals thinking they can stop performing abortions without getting protested and slimed in the media. In short, feminists are trying to Komen Hoag hospital. They’re planning on sliming them in the media. You see, abortion is like the mob. You can’t get out. They just keep pulling you back in.

And many hospitals would much prefer killing babies privately than be protested for not killing babies publicly. Sad but true folks. Sad but true.

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