I’m kinda’ tired of politics. I almost never post on it anymore. I believe the country will have a mass reconversion to the faith or it won’t. But that’s the answer. If this country returns to Christianity it may survive. If it doesn’t, it will continue it’s slow-motion suicide.

So the politics of the immigration bill don’t interest me at all. But when a moral case is made for an issue my ears perk up.

This immigration bill has been dominating the news. I haven’t read the bill but one of the points made numerous times is that if you’re not for the bill, you’re for throwing people out of the country and splitting up families. That’s obviously not true. One can be for securing the border without wanting to round up dark-skinned people on busses and driving them to the border in chains.

But the moral point raised again and again is about splitting up families. I’ve heard it said that if you’re against the immigration bill, you’re for splitting up families.

I have to ask, isn’t our open border an enticement to splitting up families? Aren’t thousands of men and women leaving their families in Mexico to come to the United States to earn money to send back to Mexico? Isn’t every amnesty an enticement to men and women to leave their families because they know they can earn money in America and will eventually be made a citizen? So couldn’t it be argued that if you’re for keeping families intact you should be for a more secure border and against amnesty?