Wendy Davis is a star. A big one. The three major networks fell over themselves covering Davis’ filibuster of the Texas abortion bill. Cable news shows all did features on her effort and talking heads talked about her rising stardom.

Wall Street Journal’s Peggy Noonan summed it up rather well on ABC’s This Week, saying Davis is pro-infanticide.

She’s right. The media is trumpeting a woman who is defending what most people would consider infanticide.

CMR buddy Matthew Balan wrote at Newsbusters:

Since Wednesday, ABC, CBS, and NBC’s morning and evening newscasts have all played up the social media frenzy over Texas State Senator Wendy Davis’ multi-hour filibuster on Tuesday against a pro-life bill. On Friday’s Today, NBC’s Tamron Hall claimed that the Davis story is “another example of how social media can turn a story into a whole other stratosphere. I think without Twitter and Facebook, this would have been a big story, but not to this magnitude.”

By contrast, during the trial of abortionist Kermit Gosnell earlier in 2013, ABC and NBC completely ignored the widespread outrage on Twitter over the case. It took CBS four days to notice Kirsten Powers’ April 11, 2013 USA Today column which “accused the media of ignoring the story because…[of] a bias in favor of abortion rights,” as Jan Crawford reported on CBS This Morning. Crawford then pointed out how “those charges went viral on Twitter.”

But let’s recall for a moment who’s name is not a household name – Kermit Gosnell. And the thing is, Gosnell and this bill are tied together. Gosnell was a madman, killing babies after delivering them prematurely. Despite the media’s best efforts to ignore Gosnell’s house of horrors, many states are looking again at late-term abortions. Even the House of Representatives passed a bill limiting abortions after 20 weeks.

Interestingly, you might remember during the time the media was completely ignoring Gosnell, on twitter, the great @MZHemingway asked Washington Post reporter Sarah Kliff, “WaPo health policy reporter @SarahKliff has 80+ site hits on Akin/Fluke/Komen and zero on Gosnell? Would love an explanation.”

Kliff infamously responded with, “Hi Molly – I cover policy for the Washington Post, not local crime, hence why I wrote about all the policy issues you mention.”

But Kliff jumped on the Wendy Davis bandwagon pretty darn quick with a news story on June 25th. She tweeted about it as well.

And before you go rolling your eyes about another media bias story, make no mistake the media is one of the biggest reasons we are where we are in this country. The majority get their news and opinions from the major media. To me, America was lost when we ceded the media and the education system to secular progressives. There was no coming back from that. We saw how powerful the media was in this last election. We are witnessing a major shift in our country towards gay “marriage” mainly because the media trumpets it and either derides or ignores religious people.

Think about this, if you watch television when was the last time you saw a gay character on a television show? OK. Now when was the last time you saw a television character go to Church? Yeah.