This is great news. Keep those prayers coming. This family needs them.

The Blaze reports:

When doctors told Rep. Jamie Herrera Beutler (R-Wash.) that her unborn child was suffering from a normally fatal kidney condition, she was also advised that abortion was one of her options.

However, the pro-life Republican refused to abort her child.

On Monday, Beutler announced that she had given birth to a baby girl, who she called a “miracle.”

She first learned that her unborn child was suffering from Potter’s Syndrome, a usually fatal condition that affects kidney development during pregnancy, earlier this year. Beutler’s office announced in a statement that the baby, Abigail, “is considered by her doctors to likely be the first baby to survive a diagnosis previously considered fatal.”

According to the Washington Examiner’s Tim Mak, the “child is currently stable, but required immediate dialysis due to a lack of functioning kidneys.”

“The options we were offered were termination or ‘expectant management,’ that is, waiting for [the baby] to die. Instead, we chose to pray earnestly for a miracle. She is every bit a miracle,” the GOP congresswoman and her husband said in a statement.

I wonder how many babies were aborted that might have lived after this diagnosis.

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