The Episcopal Priest, Rev. Gary R. Hall, is the Dean of the Washington National Cathedral. I expected him to be liberal as he has been outspoken concerning his support of gay marriage and gun control. I mean, hey, he’s an Episcopalian, whaddya’ expect? But I was truly surprised by something in Sally Quinn’s profile of Rev. Hall at On Faith.

Check it out:

I don’t want to be loosey-goosey about it,” he says, “but I describe myself as a non-theistic Christian.”

And he goes on to expand on the concept.

“Jesus doesn’t use the word God very much,” he says. “He talks about his Father.”

Hall explains: “Where I am now, how do I understand Jesus as a son of God that’s not magical? I’m trying to figure out Jesus as a son of God and a fully human being, if he has both fully human and a fully divine set of chromosomes. . . . He’s not some kind of superman coming down. God is present in all human beings. Jesus was an extraordinary human being. Jesus didn’t try to convert. He just had people at his table.”

Now, I’m not the brightest guy in the world but this Episcopalian priest just said he didn’t really truck with Jesus’ divinity, right? Right?

He said the Episcopal Church has to change with the time but he bemoaned, “We’re in a period where people under 50 don’t see the church as a credible place to explore their questions about God.” Hmmm. Wonder why.

HT Mark Tooley wrote an excellent piece on this interview at Juicy Ecumenism.