Every year or two in late October I come out of Mass and there on my windshield is a pro-life voting guide. I got one this past Sunday and I’m just so grateful for it. I know that our local pro-life groups make it up and then the candidates themselves disseminate them but it’s just so helpful. To think of all the work all these folks do behind the scenes is just amazing.

I know that many Catholics ignore this stuff and go right ahead and vote for pro-abortion candidates. But I will go to the polls today with my pro-life voting guide. And I’ll be voting pro-life.

Just remember, the people who you vote in today even in the smallest offices may one day run for bigger offices. So when they tell you that their thoughts on abortion don’t matter because they’re just running for a county seat, don’t believe them. It matters. In fact, I don’t think there’s any issue out there that tells you more about a politician than where they stand on life.

Go vote.

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