So now it’s anti-gay to be in favor of traditional marriage? I know that’s what those in favor of same-sex marriage say but for the Associated Press to adopt this terminology?

The AP seriously went with this headline:

Sen. Rubio tells anti-gay group fight for morality needs to be part of debate in government

The truth is that Rubio was the keynote speaker at the Florida Family Policy Council’s fundraising dinner Saturday night. Now, I don’t know everything about the Florida Family Policy Council but something tells me they’re not exactly Westboro Baptist Church.

It’s a funny way that the AP labels, isn’t it? We’re not pro-life. We’re anti-abortion. We’re not pro-traditional marriage, we’re anti-gay. We’re not worried about the future of our country, we’re anti-Obama racists.

I wonder if the AP would be willing to say that two years ago Obama was anti-gay because he espoused the same exact position as Rubio up until two years ago. Yeah, probably not.