Many argue that abortion is a financial problem or a legislative problem. They say that women who don’t have enough money to raise children are forced to abort. They say we need to fix the laws.

I’d love to see everyone be wealthy and have great jobs. And I’d love to see laws accept that an unborn child is a human being. But I don’t think that’s how we really solve the abortion problem in this country.

A recent Family Research Council study, shows some interesting facts, according to

•Almost 3/4 of abortions are to women who initiated sex at age 16 or younger
•40% of women who begin sexual intercourse very early (12-13-14) will have abortions
•No great difference by income status in the percentage of women who procure abortions

So a strong economy or stricter laws won’t do the trick. Abortion is a moral choice. And let’s face it, it’s typically not the first bad moral decision someone makes. It’s one of many.

We can’t just talk about abortion because by the time women get to making that decision many of them feel cornered and desperate. Abstinence and chastity must be discussed early on. If young men and women aren’t engaging in premarital sex, the need for abortion plummets.

Young people need to be understand they are worth more than that. They need to also know that other people are not simply a means to an orgasm, even if it’s consensual. We are called to love others, not simply receive their consent.

If you cut down on premarital sex you cut down on abortion. Say, you think that might be why Planned Parenthood is so gung-ho on “educating” young people about sex.