Awww. Sandra Fluke, the heroine who bravely battled the mean ol’ uber-Catholic Georgetown University on the issue of spotting her some cash so she could climb into bed with people she didn’t particularly care for, has lost her campaign to become a member of the California State Legislature.

And lost by a 2-1 margin to boot.

Perhaps Fluke could simply demand that other people just put her in the state legislature anyway because that’s what she wants and she’s Sandra Fluke so she should get it ’cause she wants it and everything. Or maybe all Americans, regardless of their political beliefs, should have been forced to contribute to Fluke’s campaign. That would seem fair, right?

Last night was not a good night for Democrat heroines was it. Wendy Davis, who is famous for advocating the death of babies in the womb, went down in flames last night and now Sandra “Moan of Arc” goes down too? Looks like the war on women went into high gear last night.

Interestingly, according to reports, Fluke loaned her own campaign $100,000. But she couldn’t afford $5 a month for birth control? Huh?