Now there was no way the pro-aborts weren’t going to make sure that this little seven year old girl won this case. You see, the girl sued her mother for drinking heavily during her pregnancy which, she says, resulted in major medical issues. So she’s suing the mother (or more accurately her caretakers are) for damages.

But the judge said she has no right to sue because she was only an “organism” at the time of the aforementioned booze binge.

Catholic Herald UK reports:

The Court of Appeal today has ruled against a girl who was born disabled because of her mother drinking during pregnancy, ruling that she was only an “organism” in the womb.

The 17-page judgment in the case of “CP” v Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority was handed down by Lord Justices Dyson and Treacey and Lady Justice King at the Royal Courts of Justice.

CP was diagnosed with severe foetal alcohol spectrum disorder at birth, following “grossly excessive” drinking during pregnancy.

However, judges ruled that she was not a legal person in the womb.

Like I said, there was no way the pro-aborts weren’t seeing where this one was heading. They saw this as an attempt to declare the unborn as people with rights. So, no, the seven year old is out of luck because the pro-aborts can’t have it any other way. The blob of tissue has no standing in the court even if it’s now a human.

But they’re all about the children, doncha know. Every child a wanted child and all.