Nothing like using Jesus resurrection to attack those who disagree with you on issues like religious freedom. But there’s doing it and then doing it badly.

Zack Hunt, writing at Huffington Post, creates a caricature of “right wing” Christians and then proceeds to smack around the straw man with glee.

He criticizes those who “sanctify discrimination in the name of religious freedom” and then accuses them of creating a false Jesus:

A crucified God is a total and complete rejection of the John Wayne Jesus we crave in American Christianity. The kind of super manly, guns a-blazing action hero we fetishize in so many corners of the American church is nowhere to be found on the cross. What we find instead is a humble carpenter who rides into town on a donkey, only to be arrested, beaten, and stripped of both clothes and dignity before ultimately being put to death in the most humiliating way possible.

For a Church that is increasingly insecure about its eroding power and influence in the world and desperately wants to portray Jesus as an über-manly hero who stands ready to lead the charge as we vanquish our enemies and wrestle control of the world from their cold dead heads, it’s disappointing, uncomfortable, and embarrassing to be confronted with the truth that we worship a crucified God who said “no” to conquest, choosing instead to die naked and alone for the enemies we seek to vanquish.

Give me a break, would you?

*subhead*Straw man alert.*subhead*