It’s always interesting to me that atheists always use suffering as evidence that there’s no God. But what’s more interesting to me is that quite often it’s those doing the actual suffering are the ones that feel God’s presence and love in their lives.

Taste of Country:

For the first time since his 2013 stroke, Randy Travis is opening up about his life and his future. After appearing at the 2015 ACM Awards in Dallas on Sunday night (April 19), the legend told fans how much their kind words and letters have meant as to his recovery.

Travis simply took in the adulation at AT&T Stadium, but after the show called the moment an “amazing gift.”

“It has been a hard fought and miraculous journey since my stroke two years ago,” he writes at his website. “I have gained a greater understanding of God’s grace and how quickly events can change us.”

During the five-paragraph letter — titled ‘Storms of Life’ — the country icon explains how his fiancee, Mary, opened and read every letter to him.

Fans “brought me through the darkest of days,” Travis says. “None of us are worthy of the immense outpouring of support shown to me and I consider each of my fans, a friend. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”