On the topic of the Planned Parenthood videos, Donald Trump told Dana Loesch:

“The way that woman is eating her salad … it’s disgusting, it’s disgusting, and absolutely they should be defunded. So cavalier, so horrible … I thought it was a disgrace.”

Trump came out earlier this year as mostly pro-life. He used to be pro-choice. (I don’t trust him at all)

But one would guess that he didn’t ask for forgiveness from God for ever supporting legalized killing. Nope. He just moved on. That’s how he rolls with the Creator.

The quicker this guy gets off the political stage the better. But I found him talking about defunding Planned Parenthood interesting because it means that the videos are leaking into the mainstream. More evidence of this is that Harry Reid is saying that he saw nothing illegal in the videos.

I hope when all the videos are out, they put together like a worst hits montage from all their tapes just so we can remember them with the right amount of horror. Kinda’ like how we’re going to look back on the Trump candidacy.

I think the reason Trump is doing well in the polls right now is 1) he’s a celebrity and 2) he’s kind of like a Bulworth where it seems that he’s the first guy willing to just shoot from the hip and tell it like he sees it.

The problem with Trump’s opinions though is that they seem rather shallow and his verbiage is monotonously self-aggrandizing.

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