This is a nice story. First watch this:

And now this – Three years ago, a 19 year old man with cerebral palsy named Matthew Walzer, wrote a letter to Nike about how he has so much trouble putting on their sneakers as he has limited mobility in his feet. Nike didn’t ignore the letter. After countless prototypes, Nike just announced the Nike LeBron Zoom Solider VIII FlyEase which can slip on and off feet through a rear entry with no laces.

WNBA star Elena Delle Donne heard about Walzer’s letter and Nike’s response and actually wore the new sneaker at the WNBA All Star game. “My mom is going to be like, ‘Thank the lord for Matthew,'” Delle Donne reportedly said. “Getting [Liz’s] shoes on is a struggle. When we put her foot in it gets really stiff.”

Delle Donne’s support of folks with special needs has been great. I love stories like this one. Let’s face it, there’s lots of things going wrong in the world right now. But this story and many like it out there remind us there’s lots of good news out there.

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