I don’t care about the first guy in Governor Jindal’s administration who had the idea to play the Planned Parenthood vids on a loop for pro-abortion protesters. I wanna’ know the second guy who said, yeah, that’s a great idea.


Pro-life Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal expertly trolled the pro-Planned Parenthood protestors who showed up to the governor’s mansion to protest his decision to cut Planned Parenthood funding and investigate the abortion business for selling aborted babies.

Jindal played on a loop all of the seven expose’ videos showing how the abortion company sells the body parts of aborted babies. But the Planned Parenthood protesters refused to watch them — apparently the truth was too much to take. On Twitter, Jindal responded to them and how they refused to view the videos:

The fact is, the “protest” consisted of about two dozens hags, most of whom were probably PP employees. It was a pathetic display. But that doesn’t make Jindal’s trolling of them less awesome.

(Yeah, headline was messed up earlier. I’m dumb.)