Only 4 percent of Detroit public school eighth graders are proficient or better in math and only 7 percent in reading. But don’t worry, this is good news. It seems Detroit public schools have sucked for so long, it’s ok because they’re sucking at the same level they’ve sucked in recent years. In short, the rate of suckage is consistent.

Check this out: “While these scores clearly indicate that Detroit Public Schools has more work to do to improve student outcomes in reading and math, we are pleased that the scores appear to be leveling out,” Detroit Public Schools spokeswoman Michelle A. Zdrodowski said in a statement.

They’re PLEASED????!!!!!!! What?

The media is, of course, covering for the public school system. MLive hilariously reports this disastrous news this way: “The Nation’s Report Card is in. Although Detroit public schools continue to struggle, they are not declining academically, according to the evaluation.” Yeah, the media would rather suck up to teacher’s unions than fight for children stuck in warehouses of suck.

I know many people would say that this proves that the federal government should fund schools better but, according to American Thinker, “in 2008, the budget for the Department of Education stood at $56 billion. The most recent budget shows a $21 billion increase, to $77 billion.”

What an absolute disaster for our country. What a tragedy for these kids.

And don’t you think, just for a second, that the Democrat party knows that illiterate unemployable kids grow up with fewer prospects and more in need of government handouts and will likely vote their way to keep the money coming. Don’t you think that as intelligent people they know it’s in their immediate political best interest to keep young urban people unemployable. And you think that they really want to help? I don’t. Not for a second.

I think it is absolutely more important to Democrats that these kids be taught proper leftist values rather than math and reading. So the kids don’t test well. The only test those kids have to pass is that on election day they vote Democrat.