This is the kind of story where, as a Catholic, I have to remind myself that all life is sacred. All. Even the really really stupid ones. And if a grad student who goes on a hunger strike partly in support of Planned Parenthood, dies, that would be a bad thing, right?

Yes, of course, that would be a bad thing because then his family would have to say he acted stupidly his entire life.

A graduate student at the University of Missouri (of course, it takes a grad student to do something this stupid) has announced he’s going on a hunger strike until the president of the university is fired at least partly because he cancelled a contract with Planned Parenthood.

The student newspaper

In his letter, Butler prefaced his decision to announce his hunger strike by noting several instances of racism and discrimination on campus. He cited MSA President Payton Head being called a racial slur on campus, the removal of Planned Parenthood services, the #ConcernedStudent1950 protest and the recent instance of a person drawing a swastika with their own feces in a bathroom in Gateway Hall.

Well, maybe some fasting will clarify this young man’s mind a bit.

You see, Jonathan Butler wants to dialogue. He wants to raise the level of discourse on campus. That’s why he called President Tim Wolfe, “decaying flesh”—for “a slew of racist, sexist, homophobic, etc[.] incidents” since Wolfe took office in 2012, according to Campus Reform.

It’ll be kinda’ fun to see what the college does here.