The U.S. Senate passed a reconciliation bill which defunds the abortion giant Planned Parenthood and reallocates the funding to health care centers which do not perform abortions.

The willingness of Republicans in the Senate to take this on and actually pass it is a great victory.

Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser called it a “landmark victory for all who prioritize comprehensive women’s health care over abortion industry profits.”

And it is. In the end, it is, however, a signal of the need for a pro-life president as our current president Barack Obama will certainly veto the bill. Here’s the crazy thing, there’s no cut in funding here. It’s simply funding other health care centers. Now, if you were to believe that Democrats really cared about women’s health this shouldn’t be a big deal. And if you really thought that the federal government funding doesn’t fund abortion, this shouldn’t be a big deal either.

But we all know this isn’t about women’s health and it is about funding abortion.

According to Fox News, the link between Planned Parenthood and Democrats is strong. “The taxpayer-funded women’s health care and abortion provider’s employees and political arms donating at least $25 million to party lawmakers over the past 15 years.”

Nothing means more to Democrats than sending millions of taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood. Nothing.

I used to think that Planned Parenthood was an arm of the Democrat Party. I’ve come to believe that the Democrat Party is an extension of Planned Parenthood.