Vox, the popular website (I’m told), ran a piece today titled “I had a miscarriage, and it forced me to rethink everything I believed about abortion.”

And it’s a fine piece if you enjoy headlines lying to you. Here’s what Vox considers “rethinking” about abortion. So you’ve got this young woman who’s vehemently pro-choice who has a miscarriage and finds herself thinking about her unborn child as an unborn child and not as tissue so that leads her to become…drumroll please…a vehemently pro-choice young woman.

Wow. Now that’s a philosophical journey, huh?

I’m not critiquing her pain in miscarrying. But Vox putting this up there as a major “rethink” on abortion is ludicrous. She’s pro-choice in the beginning and she’s pro-choice in the end. There’s no rethink at all. At all.

Her upshot is that sometimes it’s a baby and sometimes it’s not. Or something.

I trust women to know themselves, to know their lives, and to make good choices for themselves. I know now too that making a family is hard, that the beginning of life is ambiguous, part science, part spirit. With something so fragile, so hard, we should do all we can to support women in their journey, to celebrate when they celebrate, to mourn when they mourn. I will always mourn the loss of my unborn baby, and I will always fight to keep women’s right to choose, and access to abortion, alive.

This is what passes for real thinking on the pro-choice side.

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