This is pretty awesome. Kudos to these pro-lifers. The Washington Post doesn’t seem very happy about it but hey, when are they happy with anything pro-lifers do.

Pat Lohman owned a crisis pregnancy center right next door to an abortion clinic. But then it gets so much better.

Never mind that the writer obviously hates Lohman. Actually, that just adds to the awesomeness:

Here’s the part that’s really astonishing. Several months ago, the abortion provider retired and the Amethyst Women’s Health Center closed. That’s when Lohman, 69, and her supporters swooped in, orchestrating their grandest deception yet.

Nothing indicates that the abortion clinic is closed, except a locked door. The clinic’s Google ads still pop up and the phone number still works. When women dial the closed abortion clinic, the call is forwarded straight to the pregnancy center. Everything remains in place to lure women to the clinic and hope they try the door, figure they made a mistake, then go right next door to the carefully named A-A-A Women for Choice.

How did Lohman pull it off?

I talked to the doctor ran the abortion clinic for 27 years, first with her husband, then alone after he died. She’s a 76-year-old widow with an NRA sticker on the clinic window and a gun she’s had ready for decades after being threatened by abortion protesters at her home. She doesn’t want to be in the news anymore and asked that I not use her name.

But when we talked, she told me that she sold her practice when she retired. She never met the new owners, only the lawyers who said they represented a group of medical office investors. The investors also bought a dialysis office in the same, unremarkable medical office park, they told her.

Just five minutes after signing the final papers at closing, the doctor called her office to check her messages.

“Triple A Women for Choice,” a voice answered.

The doctor thought she made a mistake and redialed.

“Triple A Women for Choice,” the voice said again.

Whoever bought her practice had the phones forwarded to the pregnancy center within minutes of the sale, before the lawyers even had a chance to close their briefcases.

The retired doctor said she doesn’t believe an outright fraud happened. She said it was an omission of information.

“If I were 20 years younger, I wouldn’t have retired, and this wouldn’t have happened,” she told me. “But I am tired. And right now, I don’t want to stir things up.”

According to property records, the new owners bought the place for $360,000 on Sept. 29, 2015. It now belongs to BVM Foundation — the Indiana-based Blessed Virgin Mary Foundation. Calls to BVM Foundation, and its listed officers were not returned.

But doesn’t that just sum it up. So many of your die-hard pro-aborts are getting old and they’re faced with a reinvigorated effort to protect life. They’re just not up to it.

Love this story.