Now I know that the Trumpists (is that what we call them) will say that Planned Parenthood is so scared of Donald that they’re employing some liberal fu or reverse psychology by thanking him publicly. Hey, maybe they are. What do I know? But here’s the thing, they couldn’t even try that with the other candidates.

The Hill:

“Well, this is one thing I agree with Donald Trump on — Planned Parenthood does amazing work for two and a half million patients every single year,” Cecile Richards said on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports.”

“I appreciate his kind words,” she added. “We’re very proud of our work here.”
Richards argued that Trump is still wrong on abortion, healthcare and women’s rights, though.

I don’t trust Donald at all. But I know none of this matters. They don’t care that he’s donated to Planned Parenthood. They don’t care that he’s endorsed Democrats. They don’t care that he’s promised to advance the gay agenda. They don’t care that he said his liberal pro-abortion sister would make a great Supreme Court judge. In fact, nothing he says matters because people just love the way he skewers people. It’s like Simon Cowell is running for office. They love that he’s politically incorrect and they love that he manipulates the media. But sadly, I think he’s just manipulating us.


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