I understand the whole #NeverTrump thing. I do. But I must admit I’m a little confused by some pro-life conservatives heading over to the Libertarian ticket in protest.

In a recent Washington Examiner Q and A, Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson was downright scary on religious liberty and abortion.

Do you think New Mexico was right to fine the photographer for not photographing the gay wedding?

“Look. Here’s the issue. You’ve narrowly defined this. But if we allow for discrimination — if we pass a law that allows for discrimination on the basis of religion — literally, we’re gonna open up a can of worms when it come stop discrimination of all forms, starting with Muslims … who knows. You’re narrowly looking at a situation where if you broaden that, I just tell you — on the basis of religious freedom, being able to discriminate — something that is currently not allowed — discrimination will exist in places we never dreamed of.”

Can the current federal RFRA be applied to protect things like the wedding photographer and the Little Sisters of the Poor?

“The problem is I don’t think you can cut out a little chunk there. I think what you’re going to end up doing is open up a plethora of discrimination that you never dreamed could even exist. And it’ll start with Muslims.”

And then on abortion:

Do you think the Constitution guarantees the right to abortion?

“The law of the land is Casey v. Planned Parenthood. I have no intention of changing the law, and Casey v. Planned Parenthood says, ‘you, woman, you have the right to have an abortion up to viability of the fetus.’ And the Supreme Court has defined viability of the fetus as being able to sustain the life of the fetus outside of the womb, even by artificial means. That is the law of the land.”

Ron Paul’s position of being pro-life and libertarian—you think he’s mistaken.

“It would be like him saying I’m mistaken on religious freedom … I’m not a social conservative. I really do believe in people being able to make choices….”

He believes in people making choices…unless that person is religious. Then, not so much.

So like I said, I get some pro-life conservatives not voting for Trump because they don’t believe that Trump will nominate pro-life judges like he promises or that he’s as strong an advocate for religious liberty as he says. I get it if you don’t believe him. But at least believe Gary Johnson when he specifically states that he’s pro-abortion and anti-religious liberty.