Wonder What They’ll Recommend. #foregoneconclusion


In May, Pope Francis remarked that the Catholic Church should study whether women could be “reinstated” as deacons — a proposal that could introduce a role for women in the Catholic clergy that has been open only to men for centuries.

On Tuesday, he made good on that comment, made last spring to a gathering of nuns. The Vatican announced the members of the new Commission for the Study of the Diaconate of Women, whose examinations may weigh both church tradition and also possibly take stock of contemporary views and needs among Catholic clergy and worshipers…

“I can’t underscore enough how groundbreaking this is for the Church,” Boston College theologian James Bretzke said in May. “If women can be ordained as deacons, then this is going to weaken — not destroy — but weaken significantly the argument that women absolutely are incapable of being ordained as priests. So this is opening more than a crack in the door.”

I’ve got an idea. For the next few months let’s all pretend we don’t know what they’re going to say but beat the heck out of each other on Facebook about it anyway. That’ll be fun.

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