Someone calling themselves Evan Minton, who now declares herself a man is demanding that a hospital perform a hysterectomy, according to news reports.

The problem is that Mercy San Juan hospital has some affiliation (or did and now just has an agreement) with the Church and said they can only perform such procedures “only to cure or alleviate a “serious pathology and (if) a simpler treatment is not available.”

And changing genders doesn’t qualify.

Insert outrage here.

Interestingly, the media has been invited into this whole process so Evan could be portrayed as the victim. But in reality Evan chose the institution as a target and simply wants to open it to lawsuits and perhaps even a payday for Evan (???)

I’m sure we’ll be seeing this one in court. (eyeroll)

Evan could get a hysterectomy any number of places but wants it done there no matter the rules that the institution has set for itself. Tolerance is the new fascism.