The Roe effect is a theory that states that pro-life people have more children than pro-choice people and will therefore ultimately win. So far so good. Makes sense. Folks who believe in abortion might well have less kids. And the second part is that pro-life parents tend to raise pro-life children so eventually they will become a majority and win all sorts of legislative and judicial decisions.

Yay us. Eh. Except it’s not working.

There’s some issues there. Pro-lifers keep doing the stupidest thing possible by sending their children to be educated by pro-choice teachers and professors.

Pro-life people are allowing their children to become part of the culture with the internet and cable television and it’s skewing their childrens’ perspective. We don’t talk to neighbors on a consistent basis anymore so the only adult interaction they get is from parents (who are like totally uncool) and reality show stars with the morality of swine.

In order to counter the Roe Effect, pro-aborts and their avatar, the Democrat Party, are also allowing hundreds of thousands of immigrants over the border who are voting Democrat. Now, one might argue that many people crossing the border from Mexico are Christians. Maybe. But they’re Christians who are voting Democrat. And therefore they can be as personally pro-life as you might want them to be but if you’re voting for the party of death, you’re still perpetuating the death machine.

Also, now, Democrats are attempting to allow felons to vote. I’m pretty sure the Venn diagram of felons and pro-lifers is rather slim.

So as long as we continue allowing unchecked immigration, sending our children to idiot liberal educators, and allowing our children to learn what’s cool from television, and encouraging felons to vote, we’re burying the pro-life vote and hurting the chances of success for the pro-life community.

*subhead*Dumb things we do.*subhead*