So, less than 2 weeks ago NBC had a poll which had Trump down 11. Today, they release a poll that he’s down 5. Oddly, there’s zero stories about a comeback by Trump. Hmmmm.

I point this out, not to shock you. We’re all well aware of how the media is the propaganda arm of secular leftism.

And I’m not calling all the polls wrong, although some are clearly skewed. But even the Trump camp admits they’re behind at this point.

I point this out to say that when this election is over, the split in this country will still exist. And I suspect calamity is in our near future. Too many people are given no voice in the media or our politics. Too many people are being played. And they know it. When that happens, bad things happen.

I pray things change. I really do. But it might be a scorpion and frog thing.