Why just the disabled? The Green Party in Germany is supporting the idea of taxpayer money going towards the disabled to pay for sex. They’ll have a prescription and everything.

Reportedly, prostitutes are loving this idea. Something tells me the disabled will think it’s pretty awesome as well. Prostitution has been legal in Germany for about 15 years.

Indy100 reports:

Germans who suffer from serious illness, and those that are disabled might be able to claim back public money when they pay for sex, a Green Party spokesperson said. 

The model is based on the Netherlands, where patients can already claim back money used to pay for sex as a medical expense. Germans would have to produce proof, in the form of a medical certificate, of a need for the service, as well as proof that they could not afford the expense otherwise.  

Now, what if a prostitute is handed a prescription but refuses to fill it. Will she face fines like a Christian pharmacist would for refusing to sell an abortifacient? Or a Christian baker who refuses to bake a cake for a same-sex marriage? The real question is whether the state will then be forcing a prostitute to have sex with someone or have their prostitution license removed?

That’s the thing about secularism. They seek to destroy all existing morality and replace it with their own utopian vision which has “equality” at its core. So, you see, they don’t care about freedom. They just want everyone equally dependent on the government.

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