Just a few weeks ago, the long time director of the Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests (SNAP). Now, a lawsuit has been filed last week by a former employee of SNAP which alleges that the organization exploits survivors for donations, rather than help them.
According to Religion Clause, the complaint which is filed in an Illinois state court, accuses the organization of accepting financial kickbacks from attorneys in the form of “donations.” For those “kickbacks,” SNAP allegedly refers the victims of sexual abuse to the attorneys who donated and then lawsuits are filed against the Church.

Sounds like a pretty tight racket, huh? Suing the Church has become quite the lucrative business in recent years. For the attorneys, this, I guess, is sorta’ like getting the Glengarry leads. The attorney makes a donation to SNAP and voila! Instant client.

To be clear, I’m not defending the actions of abusive priests or those in the Church who covered up for them. But nobody should defend the actions of a supposed “survivors” network making money off the back of those who were abused.

The complaint also alleges that “SNAP is motivated largely by the personal animus of its directors and officers against the Catholic Church.” ¬†Come on, who would be surprised by that?