Hanging them on their own petards. I think that’s what this is called. I don’t know how far this will get but I love when Christians use the left’s own ridiculousness against it.

A Houston social security judge is suing the federal government for creating a “hostile work environment” as well as for discriminating against him as a Christian by mandating that he watch an LGBT advocacy video as part of its “diversity” program or something.

Judge Gary Suttles has refused to watch a 17-minute LGBT diversity training video, which gives all federal employees tips on how to treat LGBT people with respect and how to “increase cultural awareness in a diverse and inclusive environment,” as Suttles’s boss described it in an email to employees. After facing disciplinary action for his repeated objection, Suttles has now filed a federal lawsuit, claiming that he has faced religious discrimination in the workplace.

“The Agency’s repeated direct orders to Judge Suttles to watch or read a transcript of the religiously obejectionable and threatening to discipline him for his faith-based refusal is unwelcome and is sufficiently severe to create an intimidating and hostile work environment,” his attorney, Robert Painter, wrote in the lawsuit.

The LGBT sensitivity video stems from a 2011 executive order from President Barack Obama directing  federal agencies to develop new plans to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Last May, Suttles received an email from his superior asking all employees to carve out 17 minutes of their day sometime in the next few months to watch the video. But according to the lawsuit, Suttles responded:

“I will not be participating in this training. I am already fully aware to treat all persons with respect and dignity and have done so my entire life. Furthermore, this type of government indocrination [sic] training does not comport with my religious views and I object on that basis as well.”

The way I see it is if the video is actually just a kumbaya can’t we all just get along video, Suttles doesn’t have a leg to stand on. But if there is some LGBT advocacy in it (which I find likely) then he has a case. Now, the only problem is getting a judge to agree. And that may prove to be the difficult part.

Say, how’s Trump doing with getting nominations in for all those empty seats on the federal bench. Maybe he should make that a priority, huh?