The premiere of the preachy gay infomercial “When We Rise” was a flop. So ABC, in a panic, moved their hit “Modern Family” in front of it in order to boost ratings but…it still flopped. Badly.

While the ratings were bad the first night, the second night it got even worse because the miniseries lost 1 million viewers. As President Trump would say, “Not good.”

While “Modern Family” notched a 2.0 in the demo and 6.37 million viewers, “When We Rise” continued to falter with a 0.6 demo rating and 2.05 million viewers. Yikes.

The thing is, people don’t like to be preached at and told they’re bad. The mini-series portrayed America as a seething cauldron of hate for all gays. And the Catholic Church came off even worse with many many verbal jabs. Why would anyone tune into that for two nights in a row?

This will not have any impact on decision making in the future by ABC. They will continue to cram the gay agenda down your throat and your children’s throats.