OK. This is not…I repeat NOT bipartisanship. This is the absolutely expected unanimity of the pro-death cabal of our government siding with death. OK?

To paraphrase Barack Obama there is no red death cabal or blue death cabal. It’s just the pro-death cabal.

Here’s the headline: “Republicans join Democratic call for clarity on Trump abortion order.” You mean that the two pro-abortion Republican Senators are against pro-life policies?

You see what the media does here? They use the two senators’ Republican affiliation against any pro-life initiative as if to say, “Ha, this policy is so wrongheaded and crazy that even some Republicans are calling it wrongheaded and crazy.”

Can we stop with the fiction that it’s somehow shocking that Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski are against Trump on anything related to abortion? The two of them are backed by the death cult which funds them.