Philadelphia’s District Attorney Seth Williams, who viciously pursued Monsignor William Lynn to a conviction which was later overturned, is now under indictment for corruption and bribery charges.

Before we go into what D.A. Seth Williams did, here’s a recap of his pretty disgraceful attacks on Monsignor Lynn.

The Catholic League wrote:

Bill Donohue comments on the Philadelphia District Attorney’s ongoing vendetta against Monsignor William Lynn:
For the third time, the Pennsylvania court system has tossed out the unjust conviction of Msgr. William Lynn over his handling of sexual abuse allegations against other priests. And for the third time, the Philadelphia District Attorney vows to pursue the discredited case. Today, a judge has set a date—May 1, 2017—for yet another trial, even though Msgr. Lynn has now served all but two months of his minimum three year sentence for a conviction that has been repeatedly reversed.

Earlier this week, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that the trial court “abused its discretion” in allowing evidence unrelated to this case. But D.A. Seth Williams, in a clear abuse of his prosecutorial discretion, “is just hell-bent on trying this case,” as Msgr. Lynn’s attorney, Thomas Bergstrom, noted. Msgr. Lynn has “done 33 months along with 18 months house arrest for something the Superior Court has now ruled was an unfair trial,” Bergstrom points out. Yet, “for some reason” Williams “continues to want to beat up on this guy.”

From the start, this case has been a flagrant anti-Catholic witch-hunt, perpetrated by Williams, his predecessor Lynne Abraham, and others. (Click here to read the shocking details.) One would think they would by now be satisfied that they have extracted their pound of flesh from this innocent man. But such is their maniacal hatred for him and the Catholic Church he serves, that they will not give up—no matter how many times the courts tell them what should have been obvious from the start: that they have no legitimate case, and never did.

This guy wanted to make a name for himself and at the time the Catholic Church was the press’ favorite piñata. So he zealously went after Msgr. Lynn. The case had nothing to do with justice, it had everything to do with picking an enemy to make yourself popular.

He ruined a man’s life for political gain.

So what did Williams do, according to the indictment? He sold his influence. For money, he would attempt to resolve cases in their favor. Oh, and get this, this crumb stole thousands of dollars from his mother to pay his own bills. That’s right, he stole from his mother’s pension to pay for his own lavish lifestyle. But you see, it’s not his fault because he’s complained many times of how hard it is to pay alimony to his ex-wife and for the kids private education. So he was pretty much forced to steal from his mother, right?

Poor thing.

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