So, last I heard, Republicans won the House, Senate, and the presidency. Yet we’re still funneling millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood. Uhm. Why? It seems that once again Republicans won the election and lost the politics. In an effort to avoid the always dreaded government shutdown, Congress voted on a $1 Trillion spending bill that keeps the government open until October. I get the politics. The Republicans think that a government shutdown will always be blamed on them. And you know what, it probably would. The media tends to take the side of Democrats. And if defunding Planned Parenthood was part of the spending bill it probably would’ve meant at least a threatened shutdown. So they figured they’d keep the government open for a few months and then they’ll take on the other issues that they’ve promised to take on. I get it.

But pro-lifers need to show they will not be taken for granted because if we don’t, this can might just keep getting kicked down the road. Look, we’re pleased about Neil Gorsuch getting on to the Supreme Court. We’re loving the fact that states can now defund Planned Parenthood without the risk of losing federal funds. We applaud the reversal of the Mexico City Policy. So yes, there have been victories. But they were elected on the promise to defund Planned Parenthood. So do it.

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