I’ll admit that I had to read this headline twice (or three times) because I thought it had to be a twisted joke. Sadly, it’s not. Ready for it?

“Couples are turning extra IVF embryos into jewelry.”

A website unironically named KidSpot says “Couples are Turning Extra IVF Embryos into Jewelry.”

After a six-year IVF journey to receive miracles Lachlan, 4, and 21-month-old twins Charlotte and William, Belinda and Shaun Stafford didn’t know what to do with their remaining embryos. Their babies. Donation wasn’t an option, the annual storage fee was an added financial strain, and disposing of them unimaginable.
So when the NSW couple heard about Baby Bee Hummingbirds, an Australian company turning embryos into keepsake jewelley, they jumped at the chance. Now Ms Stafford has all of her babies with her every day – including seven embryos in her heart-shaped pendant worn close to her heart, always.

The mom said the financial strain would be too much to keep the embryos alive in perpetuity so the couple considered planting the embryos in a garden. But she said they move too much and she couldn’t bear to leave them behind. Hence, the necklace.

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