Why I don’t regret giving up scholarship, instead choosing Catholic college

Maria Garabis Davis, a graduate of Newman Guide-recommended Franciscan University of Steubenville and Ave Maria School of Law, wrote about her difficult decision to forego a full scholarship to a secular college in favor of attending a faithful Catholic college—and why she doesn’t regret it at all.

“I had convinced myself that I needed a ‘true’ college experience: one that was full of opportunities, Greek life, and big-time sporting events,” she wrote. “Most importantly, I wanted to go somewhere that was sure to catapult me beyond my small town into a world of opportunities and success.”

She continued:
I wish I could tell my nervous 18-year-old self that the worries and hesitations she wrestled with during that long summer were fruitless.  That in fact, the risk taken then would become the best decision of her life. She would be happy to know that now, at age 40, the only debt she would carry with pride, and pay monthly without hesitation or regret, would be for her Franciscan University experience. Her college experience at a small Catholic school would far surpass her expectations, bringing her not only academic and career success, but arming her with things that would become exponentially more important.

‘Woman priest’ to speak at Jesuit School of Theology

Mary Alice Nolan, who claims to have been ordained a Roman Catholic Woman Priest, is scheduled to participate in panel discussion entitled “Women Responding to the Call to Ministry in the Church” at the Jesuit School of Theology’s Berkeley, Calif., campus.
In October, she was “ordained” to the Sophia in Trinity community in San Francisco.
The event is sponsored by the GTU Women’s Studies in Religion Program. The event is part of a series of events at the Jesuit School of Theology on The Papal Commission on Women Deacons.

Fordham drama group to put on comedy play about Antichrist

According to Fordham University’s website, the student group the “Fordham Medieval Dramatists” will present: “Antichrist, A Play.”
The Catholic college’s website describes it this way: “A comedic exploration of temporal power, miraculous spectacle, and discerning truth in a world of competing claims to authority. Featuring: Magical trees! Zombies! Angels! Flyting! A boastful megalomaniac who thinks he’s God’s gift to the world!”

What could go wrong?

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