Anti-Catholic bigotry is the new hotness. Just kidding. It was the old hotness too. It really never cooled. It’s just ok to say things out loud that they used to feel the need to say behind closed doors.

During a confirmation hearing for 7th Circuit Court of Appeals nominee Amy Coney Barrett, Democratic senator Dianne Feinstein revealed her ugly inner anti-Catholic by grilling the Notre Dame Law professor for her Catholic faith. You see, she’s not against all Catholics. Just those who believe in all that Catholicy stuff.

You see,

Coney Barrett had written a law review article in 1998 titled “Catholic Judges in Capital Cases,” which appeared in the Marquette Law Review. In that article, she said that a Catholic trial judge who is a conscientious objector to the death penalty should recuse themselves upon being requested to order an execution against a convict.

You see, this makes the left nervous. When your religion plays any role whatsoever in your thinking outside of your church or designated structure of your belief system, they get nervous. Actually, it’s only Christianity that makes them nervous.

First, here’s Senator Dick Durbin attacking her for her faith.

Then Feinstein says the most adorable anti-Catholic bon mot. She actually says she fears that “the dogma lives loudly within you.” What the what???!!! That’s a very confused way of saying, “Wait, you actually believe that $%*&???!!!!!!”

It’s crazy. Just imagine please for one moment Democrats grilling a person of ANY OTHER RELIGION this way. Never happen. Ever. You could literally have a Muslim nominee sharpening his blade while answering questions and the Democrats would compliment his multitasking.