According to Google News, there are about 3,700 stories about the Democrat Mayor of Seattle resigning after a fifth allegation of sexually abusing a child was revealed. (Mind you, some of the news organizations mentioned that he spent a year in a Catholic seminary before they got to mentioning that he is openly gay.) But five…count ’em…five allegations of child sexual abuse and a mayor of a large city resigning is a pretty big story, right?

But now, also according to Google News, there were 4,190 stories about someone in Senator Ted Cruz’s office “liked” a porn video. Cruz said a staffer did it. Who knows? So the story here is that it’s quite likely that some young staff was perusing porn while still logged in to the boss’ twitter account or at worse, a Senator perused porn. And that’s worth 4,190 news stories?! That’s like hurricane coverage. Next thing you know we’re going to have reporters on location outside Cruz’s office breathlessly reporting that they’ve seen some aides on computers but no word yet if there’s any topless women on their screen but they’ll keep updating the story.

But seriously, in what world are these two stories similar, never mind the Twitter story receiving more coverage? No media bias here folks. Nope. None at all. it has nothing to do with the fact that the Seattle Mayor is a Democrat and Sen. Cruz is a conservative Republican.

C’mon Matt, some of you might be saying. The mayor of Seattle is a local figure while Ted Cruz, a senator, is in national office.

Oh, national office, you mean like Senator Bob Menendez who is in his fourth day of a corruption trial? Oh, you haven’t heard of it? That might be because there’s only been 2,160 news stories on it in the past week, according to Google news.

HT Chris Stigall