One must assume that the acting community is not very impressed with the achievements of actors because on their biggest night of the year set aside specifically to honor actors, all they can do is talk politics.

These people must be so monumentally bored with their lives and their professions that they become obsessed with leftism. I sometimes wonder how many of our country’s problems are derived from sheer boredom. I mean it. We’re so comfortable for the most part that we just start inventing problems. We have to start finding problems with Confederate generals from a century and a half ago.

Grabien News:

Within seconds, host Stephen Colbert, singing an opening number themed around how seemingly out of control world events are, took a few soft jabs at President Trump. But then Julia-Louis Dreyfus quickly upped the ante, joining in and singing, “Imagine if your president wasn’t loved by Nazis.”

Once the monologue actually began, Colbert dedicated almost five minutes to mocking Trump.

The stage thus set, politics pervaded almost the entirety of the broadcast.

With virtually every presenter or award recipient working in at least one political reference, those who avoided politics were more notable than those who didn’t.

I didn’t watch it but I read about it today. I mean, who watches this garbage anyway?

Uhm, Hollywood, shows like these are exactly why you got Donald Trump in the first place. Maybe they want him to have a second term. Hey, if you’re looking for a reason to live, hate can be a solution. Many on the left have a God shaped hole that they’re trying to fill with hate, Morning Joe, and anger against Trump.

Update: Surprise surprise. It might just have been the lowest Emmy awards show ever.

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