Hollywood is in a meltdown. It’s being exposed as the den of inequity that it has been for a long long time. What started with Weinstein is now enveloping all of Hollywood with Kevin Spacey, Brett Ratner, and Dustin Hoffman (among others) all being exposed as creeps. And it certainly looks like there’s more to come.

With all these sexual abuse accusations against actors and directors throughout Hollywood, the only hire-able actor will be Kirk Cameron.

The news doesn’t even really know how to report this. When Kevin Spacey attempted a p.r. sleight of hand, many fell for it, reporting that he “came out” rather than the fact that he didn’t deny molesting a 14 year old boy. We’ve been told for years that homosexuality and pederasty have nothing to do with each other but there goes Spacey mixing them in together.

Even now, the media is reporting Spacey as the victim. Kevin Spacey’s dad is being called a “Nazi pedophile” by the news media. And then they add for clarification that he hated Jews and abused children as if we would’ve thought that he was one of those Nazi pedophiles that loved Jews and didn’t touch children.

I’m betting that in a week or two this will all be forgotten. Not Spacey or Weinstein in particular. But Hollywood will soldier on and celebrities will go back to lecturing us while promoting senseless sequels. But there will never be an examination of what really went wrong. And what really went wrong in Hollywood is power without respect. Lust instead of love. Or as I like to call it, godlessness.

And I expect little will actually change. It’s not that Christians don’t sin but there’s at least some standard for them to measure themselves against. Without God, no standard. It’s not that difficult. That was always the problem I encountered when studying philosophy. You can decide for yourself some standard of behavior but how do you universalize it? If someone else has a different standard, does your philosophy trump it?