Can we just take a moment to acknowledge how close we were (and are) to disaster? Think about this. Yeah, today is a good day.

The Supreme Court delivered a yuuuuge victory for crisis pregnancy centers by reversing a 9th Circuit ruling upholding a California law which forced them to promote and refer for abortion. Think about the absurdity of that for a moment. Crisis pregnancy centers are established for the purpose of helping women to not abort their children. But California wanted to force them to promote abortion.

The shocking thing here is that the decision in favor of free speech was so narrow. A 5-4 decision. Think for a second if Donald Trump lost and President Hillary Clinton had nominated another pro-abortion justice, the people’s right to free speech would be sunk. Elections have consequences.

SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser told The New York Times today, “There could be one or several vacancies on the Supreme Court in the next two years. President Trump is committed to nominating pro-life Justices, but in order to confirm them, we must have a pro-life majority in the Senate.”

And they’re doing everything they can to assure that happens.

We are on the knife’s edge here folks. Today’s a good day. But it was perilously close to a disaster.