This will not work.


Chinese state media noted on Wednesday that at least one province in the country is considering offering financial rewards to couples to incentivize them to have children, following an unsuccessful campaign to increase the country’s birth rate that began with a loosening of the previous one-child policy.

Under Communist Party leader Xi Jinping, Chinese couples were formally allowed to have up to two children per family in 2015. Yet birth rates, expected to skyrocket with that announcement, have remained mostly stagnant and threaten to decline. According to an article in the Communist Party’s People’s Daily newspaper this week, China could have only 65 percent of India’s population by 2050 if current birth rates continue the same, potentially causing a major economic crisis in the country.

In an effort to encourage couples to have more children, Party officials in northeast Liaoning Province are discussing ways to make it easier for couples to endure the financial burdens of having a child, the People’s Daily reported Wednesday.

This materialistic view of the world will always crash and burn. To say, we want less children so we will punish people with more than one works a lot better than offering financial incentives to have more children. People don’t run on material things alone. They need hope. Faith. Love. When you strip them of these things you invite destruction.

We are now looking at a disaster that will have worldwide implications.